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Navnidhi Ferromet Pvt. Ltd. we are Exporter and Supplier of Nickel Alloy Sheets & Plates. We provide a wide range of Nickel Alloy Sheets & Plates in Nickel Alloy 200, Nickel Alloy 201 grades. We provide high quality Nickel Alloy Sheets & Plates at most negotiable price, high on quality and durability. We also take on clients request as per the requirements of the customer .

Nickel is a versatile element and will alloy with most metals. Nickel Alloy increases the hardenability of the materiel. Our wide-ranging inventory of nickel alloy sheets and plates is available to meet applications that entail excellent strength, even at soaring temperature, and exceptional resistance to sternly corrosive environments. We offer an estensive variety of Nickel Alloy Sheets & Plates that finds application in various organizations over the globe.